Dreamtime Brolga was the 2nd Painting which was produced in the Dreamtime Collection, with Family Songlines being the 1st, but we’ll talk more about that one in the next up-and coming blog but for now Mirree wants to talk you through the symbolism and colours inside the Dreamtime Brolga.

What makes the Dreamtime Collection of Paintings so different and unique to Mirree’s other Collection of paintings is the amount of details such as the linework, dot work and colours which are displayed within each painting. For example: the Dreamtime Brolga consists of up 70-80% dot work. The Dreamtime Paintings contain up to 40 different colours. Most of the Paintings that Mirree does now which are on Art by Mirree main store contain minimal dot work with the reduced amount of it sitting outside or around the painting, not inside of it. You will also notice that there is probably about only 15-25% dot work present in comparison to the Dreamtime Collection of Paintings.

The symbolism within Dreamtime Brolga gives us a glimpse and feeling of its habitat which is vital to its survival made up of waterholes, marshes and wetlands.
 This is indicated by the wavy lines sitting around the painting which are flowing back into the main waterhole which lays at the front where the Brolga resides next to the lotus flower. Containing more than 4000 intricate dots within its mesmerizing design, the Dreamtime Brolga Painting captivates even the most doubtful observers. The level of detail in this artwork is truly astounding, showcasing the immense skill and patience of the artist. Each dot contributes to the overall composition, creating a harmonious blend of colors and shapes that tell it’s unique story.

The precision required to create such a masterpiece is remarkable, with every dot carefully placed to form patterns and blocks of colour that evoke a sense of wonder and admiration. The intricate nature of the painting invites viewers to explore its depths, discovering new details with each glance.

In a world where art is often mass-produced and lacking in individuality, the Dreamtime Brolga Painting stands out as a testament to the power of creativity and craftsmanship. 
It serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions that continue to inspire and amaze us. Whether displayed in a gallery or private collection, this painting is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of beholding its beauty.

The beauty of the Brolga is one of Australia’s largest flying birds, and can be seen in flight with a wing span of up to 2.5 meters in size.
Brolgas appear in country when the flood plains arise which is not very often, ever so graceful creatures in beauty. Brolgas stand 1 meter tall and reside in wetlands throughout parts of Australia. Brolgas display an intricate courtship dance of companionship, which involve leaping and jumping into the air about a meter tall that result in a mate for life. They produce offspring once a year and feed on small lizards, frogs, mice and wetland plants.

In Aboriginal culture the Brolga is a popular animal which is featured in story-telling, art and the movement of dance. When in dance you have the chance to make that connection to the animal through its spirit and understand its ways by performing a ceremony which you can honour or bring out certain qualities within yourself. Mirree performed the Brolga Dance with other people at the beginning of an Aboriginal retreat ceremony many years ago in order to connect with the spirit of the Brolga with Mirree’s spirit. They performed this ceremony for many days and this dance was at the very start of their ceremony which was located on the Coast of NSW, this helped to mimic the habitat of the Brolga in order to become one with its spirit.

This is one of the many ways that Aboriginal Culture can have a profound impact on young people of today, but not just for the young people but for people of all ages looking to grow a deeper connection to their spirituality, heritage, their family and understand more about where they come from that brings meaning and something to look forward to for the future.
 By bringing hope, meaning and the future into perspective we can begin to understand that in Aboriginal Culture people can start their own healing through the use of song, dance, art and story-telling, so it is not just a tool that can be reflected upon and disregarded later, no it’s a lifetime tool to heal, reminding us about the connection to culture. It keeps the spirit of that Dreaming alive in you.

The Dreaming of the Brolga came about from Bourke which is in the north west of NSW where Mirree’s father grew up, (but also in connection to Mirree’s mob which is located in the south west of QLD near Cullamulla) he use to see the Brolga often when the flood plains use to rise, but eventually moved to Dubbo when he was 14 years of age due to the floods and droughts. Brolga is one of 15 different different crane species that live throughout the world and the Brolga (Australian Crane) being the only one of its kind to live in Australia, it has been featured on the Queensland Coat of Arms since 1977. In the south west of QLD near Cullamulla at Warrego River where Mirree’s mob is from Brolgas can also been seen in their natural habitat.

Although there is only 1000 birds left in the wild in the Southern parts of Australia such as NSW and SA the Brolga is listed as vulnerable, whilst in VIC Brolga is endangered. Which means there has been a huge decline in numbers for Australia’s most graceful birds due to the supply of Wind Turbine Farms being built in VIC without the sufficient 5-10 kilometre radius buffer zone which is required for Brolga’s survival in the wild. This buffer zone increases the chance for the parents to continue to raise their young in order to be safe and protected from the harmful effects of the governments disregard for the protection of wildlife. With slight changes to policies within government and in relation to the positioning of the Wind Turbine Farms nature could have the chance to live alongside mankind.

After all it is the brolga that is continuing to nourish our wetland ecosystems in order that nature can continue to flourish and be protected for not only future wildlife generations and culture but for the livelihood of mankind as well. The “Brolga Dreaming” story inside of the Dreamtime Brolga Painting provides us with an opportunity to contemplate the essential messages it conveys, as Mirree classifies the Brolga as being one of the important messenger birds that are connected to culture that have come to show us it’s ways through it’s natural habitat in the wild. Lets continue to protect them as they continue to nourish nature, mother earth and mankind, they deserve our protection.

"Brolga Dreaming" represents the reflection of self and seeing the beauty from within, when we see the beauty within ourselves we become connected to everything that supports us spiritually, physically and in every way.
The Brolga has a connection to the lotus flower/lily flower that is inseparable to its habitat and in essence this portrays the beauty deep within the belly to understand, accept and believe as a source of great inner power & substance.

When you hold this power in your belly, you will be gifted with the lotus flower, this will reflect back to you, your perfection, beauty & inner power. Looking in the reflection of the water, is similar to looking in the mirror, only much deeper.
Are you prepared to find out what’s deep inside?
Holding the power in the belly means you respect & love yourself and your body enough to be who you are without judgment, criticism or fear.

Take this chance to own this one-of-a-kind "Dreamtime Brolga" Original Painting today while you can be for its too late!

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