The primary goal of Art is to create lasting memories through the act of remembering.
Art is good medicine and De Botton a British philosopher and Armstrong, who is a German writer express the needs from “Art is Therapy” Book into 7 functions of Art through the use of psychology which relates to the mental and emotional states of a person which contributes to your well-being.

The 1st function of Art is - REMEMBERING.

Art can help us to remember significant events in our life, emphasizing celebrations such as Birthdays, work milestones, Christmas or just because such as a special thank you or gift for someone your thinking about often that you cherish. 

I remember when someone dear to me passed away, my Nan. I felt like she was the only one in my family that really understood me, she was always by my side when I felt like I needed a hug.
 The 1st thing I thought about was the to create a painting to remember her by and to this very day this painting makes me think of her every time which I will cherish for a long time.

The amount of times that my customers have come to me wanting to choose a special piece so that they could remember their loved ones never seize to amaze me, as they share their most precious stories and experiences with me along the way of finding a special piece of Art.

I also have customers that want to share a collection of Artwork now to satisfy themselves and enjoy for the time that they are still on this earth before they need to leave this world in knowing that the Art will be passed down to their kids or grandchildren when they leave.
This selfless act will help their loved ones to remember them that have passed away and also to remind them how precious life and nature is. With the current state of climate change we don’t really know how much time we have left to really enjoy the wonders of the natural world with the people we care about the most.

Here are the top 10 occasions for remembering through a piece of Art -

1. To remember a loved one.

2. To pass down an Artwork to someone you love, creating a legacy.

3. To celebrate an anniversary.

4. To celebrate and remember someones birthday.

5. To remember and honour someone that contributed to the community or your workplace in some way.

6. To remember something that is important to you so that you will not forget.

7. To remember to focus on a goal, a target or a manifestation.

8. To remind you about your purpose or your dream.

9. To remind you to stay on the path because that animal is your spirit guide.

10. An artwork can be like a time capsule which can bring back a flood of emotions, they can bring back memories that were hidden from us from before, they can bring back thoughts of times spent from certain experiences throughout our time-line to encapsulate the essence of a particular time or event and so much more…

For example, a piece of Art can evoke memories and emotions associated with a specific period in one's life.

Art serves as a powerful tool for connecting individuals to their past and preserving important cultural heritage.

According to studies, engaging with art can improve memory retention and cognitive function. By stimulating the brain through visual and emotional experiences, art can enhance the brain's ability to recall information and create lasting memories. This highlights the significant role that art plays in shaping our memories and enriching our lives.

How many times have you forgotten things and felt bad about it later that you didn’t do something about it beforehand to help you remember. Remembering can be such a simple and over-looked state of being we often don’t consider it to have much impact on our life.

Remembering can change the course of certain events and create impactful and meaningful relationships with others. Especially when we can celebrate and remember these occasions side by side with others that we are just beginning to get to know or people that we feel have known for lifetimes. Remembering greatly enhances our relationships and can break down barriers to getting to know people we’ve only just met. I believe it is in the acts of kindness and careful consideration that we can bring the most meaningful conversations and experiences to mind when we are able to create those memories that stand out and do this with deliberate purpose.

In essence, the function of art as a tool for remembering is essential in capturing the essence of human experiences and preserving them for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

What better way to create a memorable and lasting experience then with a piece of Art from the Dreamtime Collection. Create a memory that your loved ones will remember you by for years to come and you’ll never be forgotten. Be a constant reminder, inspiring others with your generosity and your loved ones for generations to come from your life purpose and strength, even when your gone.

What does Art help you remember to consider or to believe in again?

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  • Makuyo: March 20, 2024

    Thank you! A gentle reminder for me to tap into my creativity

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