Healing is integral to Aboriginal Culture because it is about being in harmony with nature and the connection to one another as a family unit, having close kinships. This is highly significant to Aboriginal Culture, because it is through the songs, ceremonies, storytelling and the Art that brings through the understanding of these connections which bring us the most healing that relates to family, the close affinity to nature, the animals and ancestors of the land.

Family Songlines was the 1st Painting which was produced in the Dreamtime Collection, with Brolga being the 2nd, you can learn more about the Brolga in this blog called ‘Capturing the spirit of the Brolga through Contemporary Aboriginal art’ but for now Mirree wants to talk you through the symbolism and colours inside the Family Songlines.

The Dreamtime Collection of Paintings by Mirree is truly unique, showcasing intricate details like linework, dot work, and vibrant colors in each piece. One standout example is the Family Songline painting, where approximately 70-80% of the artwork is composed of meticulously placed dots. In the Family Songlines Painting alone, there are an astonishing 6400 individual dots that come together to create a mesmerizing and detailed masterpiece.

Family Songlines Songlines make up the Aboriginal belief system and they not only relate to the Dreaming connected to the land of the Creator Beings they also relate to the Dreaming’s that are in the sky. Family Songlines can be seen as a route or quest that spans the landscape, establishing a connection to the earth that has been passed down through generations.

Are you ready to take an inward journey to learn more about yourself?

You are about to travel the tracks within country that maybe connected to places you have been before like your hometown: where you grew up or a place you are visiting for the very 1st time, SO you can re-learn, re-live or remember your experiences from before OR you may also be ready to learn new ones to enrich and further expand your experience.

The purpose of the lines is to gain further knowledge through passing on the ancient ways of the land and in many cases healing for self, the land, culture and for others so that they may open themselves up to the understanding of the dreaming.

There may be an understanding you need to reach that will enable you to have an intuition and responsibility that will uncover an important aspect of your family.

These tracks are our spiritual connection that are buried deep within country and connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, knowledge of the land, the ancestors, animals and those of family that have lived before.

Spirits of the Land

The Spirits of the Land make up the spiritual force behind nature, something we can sense or feel. Because of the impact of colonization there is good and bad spirits, which often make up the boundaries and stories of good and bad associated with the land. Focusing on the good in the land enables our spirit to soar above the everyday mundane world. Some people have natural abilities to talk to the benevolent spiritual beings and have a knowing about what they feel like or want to communicate with us, it takes time & patience to listen & someone who is very in-tune with nature.

Feeling the Land

Our spirituality is made up by what we sense and the everyday actions that we make which contribute to how strong this connection is. Creation and nature manifests in the animals, our ancestors, the creator beings and the strong connection to country. Having Indigenous roots and connections is a sensitive ability to have and one that needs to be mastered on a daily basis through the psychical activities that you choose to participate in life, especially the projects which channel this connection. Its a bit like working with the Dreamtime Oracle cards to show you the way. An example of this information is best explained within the Dreamtime.

The Dreamtime
The Dreamtime exists in the past, present and future, a place where all information comes together and is stored. I believe this information can come to us at any time via deep honoring and respect of the land through our spiritual connection to it and can be triggered or remembered at any given moment when we participate in any of the following activities below. These moments can be felt through our physical journey, along our life’s journey, or we can see and read it in story & picture books, hear it in songs that are sung when we pay our respect to country, and sense it in ceremonies which help us to take responsibility for our actions and the community that we live in. Such responsibilities make up the heart of Aboriginal culture and spirituality.

What is the Dreamtime and what does it mean to you?
The animals make up a huge part of the dreamtime, this can be seen throughout history within Australia. The most recognized, and my all-time favorite creator being, and most likely yours, is the Rainbow Serpent that created all the waters, river ways and mountains, bringing life to all the natural landscapes it touched.

The Dreamtime exists beyond time, space & sometimes our understanding; the idea about the Dreaming is multifaceted. Dreaming is best described as the beliefs, religion or law of Aboriginal people within Australia.

It is also the time where the Ancestor Beings created all the river ways, mountains and streams within Australia in the very beginning of time, often depicted in Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. These stories often describe the ways and laws of the land for the people that belong to a particular area which is called tribe within the map of Aboriginal Australia. This allowed them to understand boundaries between men and women & the various stages of life.
 The area Mirree was born in is called: Wiradjuri Tribe, NSW Australia. Before the beginning of human life, the Dreaming ancestors traveled all around the countryside creating all natural things such as landforms, places, rivers, plants and people. 
They also created the rituals, designs, songs and ceremonies that are part of Aboriginal culture today, they are believed to exist simultaneously in the past, present and future. 

The Dreamtime for Mirree is a place where she goes to contemplate life, putting together all lessons of life, into visual perspectives to create teachings for future generations to come. Life can be complex and like a huge jigsaw, these teachings/stories will offer guidance, clarity and a sense of awakening & understanding of life, the stories that Mirree will share with others. 
Mirree’s gift is her visual creations through her paintings and teachings of the Dreamtime, she wishes to share this gift with you.

How to connect to the Land?

In the Beginning, all life was created from a bright flash of light. Everything was simple and innocent in the beginning. It's hard to believe this, but really nothing has changed, only the impact caused by mankind and the thoughts which turned destructive and full of greed. This can be seen mostly in nature which has been impacted the most as a result of this thinking, caused in the most beautiful and purest forms of life such as plant, mineral and animal life forms. These are the very things that keep our bodies and spirits strong and connected to the nourishment of our soul. Killing these things means we are killing parts of ourselves. 
In order for us to continue to survive we must live in balance with nature, not to destroy it without respect or thought of giving back. Everything that we consume depends on the very survival of these previous life-forms.

Connecting to the land can be as simple as spending sometime in nature such as your back-yard, local park, nature reserve, lake, swamp or beach if you’re lucky enough to live close by. When we can connect to areas such as these, we can begin to build up our spiritual energy. You can honor yourself by having a close connection to the land and nature. This in turn enables you to have a strong connection to Mother Nature, she is our Mother and loves and supports us in many ways, part of the honoring of yourself is also honoring her.
This connection can be understood more through your personal experiences that can be felt through nature through the soles of your feet, your personal contact to the land.

To understand the concept of connecting back to the land.
See the FAMILY SONGLINES Painting in the Dreamtime Collection so that you can begin your own personal spiritual journey and dreaming.

When Mirree teaches Aboriginal Art classes, the meaning of Family Songlines is at the very heart of where we have come from and where we want to go. 
When we can find this connection to the land and maintain it, our spirit will remain grounded, strong and our sense of belonging will always be alive & active.

Take this chance to own this one-of-a-kind Family Songlines Original Painting today while you can be for its too late!


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