Art by Mirree from Australia

In the realm of contemporary art, Mirree's work stands out as a true masterpiece. Her artistic style is truly unique, combining various techniques and mediums to create captivating pieces that leave a lasting impact on viewers. Mirree has a remarkable ability to evoke deep emotions through her art, making her highly sought-after by both art collectors and enthusiasts.

This is an interview with artist Mirree from Australia.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?

I would describe myself as an introvert that is highly creative and spiritual, although I am friendly and like to be social; I also like my own space. 
This is important to my work and the documentation of it.
I am motivated by having deep meaning in my life that connects me with the natural world around me. I enjoy visiting the city and exotic places around the world because I love to travel and go to places I have not been to before but do not like to stay in the city for long periods of time. I like the peace and tranquillity of nature too much. I thrive on change and challenging myself to go to lengths I have not been to before, I think this keeps me on my toes. Plus it keeps things interesting and exciting because life can be dull sometimes. I long to feel the excitement of life and get bored easily when I am in the mundane world which is when I am not painting bright colours on the canvas, painting brings to light important information, experiences and feelings that need to be highlighted, this brings me immense happiness. I think if there is something in your life that you cannot live without or there is something that brings you out of a state of loneliness, despair or unhappiness that you can overcome on your own and only you, then perhaps you’ve found your calling. 
But it doesn’t stop there because it takes a lot of courage to follow through with that calling.

What drives you? 

Coming from an Aboriginal background from my fathers side, nature has moved me in many different ways since I was a little girl from the landscape scenery from places that I visited, the animals I see and the feelings that swelled up from within me; spiritually connecting me to my Aboriginal roots. I can describe my feelings better when painting and the messages/stories that come with the paintings when I write them down, it’s an expression of this feeling. 
Also a particular interest in Birds and Sea life animals which are a favourite amongst others.
The protection of their habitats for the continual survival of Gods creatures.

What is your definition of art?

Art is a way that you can learn about yourself and the world around you. 
I don’t think Art should be replicated but interpreted through the lens of the creator or the artist which comes from their own artistic expression. This artistic expression can only be found through years of years of practise which makes up their own signature art style. 
The reason I say this is because it gives you a time-line of a variety of experiments that you can look back upon about the artist which makes up all the different components and functions of that art piece which then the Artist can decide what needs to be improved upon.
Also I believe Art should challenge viewers and move them in an emotional way that in turn expresses something that can stir up a memory or some kind of feeling that is yearning inside of them. 
You can call yourself an artist if you have this ability to move others with your Art, whether you want to shock people or raise awareness, at the core its always a form of expression that has no defining limits.
 Defining art doesn’t come down to just 1 thing but many, it is an essential part of our daily lives because it has the power to inspire, challenge and transform peoples hearts and minds which brings purpose and meaning.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration mainly comes from nature and music is what motivates me because I use to be a dancer for many years when I was a little girl so I became so use to listening to music to express rhythm and movement. 
This eventually translated into my Art through the form of painting which I fell in love with when I was 16 years old, after spending a few years studying drawing with mainly pencil and traditional materials such as charcoal.
I then moved onto ink pens before discovering painting. 
I believe that is how my paintings progressively became so detailed, because my pencil or pen then became my brush which I knew I could learn to use in the same way but with a lot more expressive qualities.

How do you deal with artist's block?
I do not get this very often, I find it challenging enough to keep up with myself with all the ideas and inspiration I have that pours into me on a regular basis. I think Artist block comes when you are trying too hard to force an outcome. 
The best solution for this is stepping outside in nature to interrupt the mind of its thinking, so you can take yourself into a world that releases the pressures of the daily mundane life. We don’t have enough time to do this enough, so this can bring a feeling of calm and ease to your artists block which will release the tension of this force.

Where do you see your art going in ten years?
I see my Art expanding into places which I only feel like I’m beginning to comprehend at this moment in time. I always wanted to reach a worldwide audience of people from all parts of the world but I guess I did not realise how big this was to become. I feel that a world that is connected by the common thread of emotion places us all in a very real and practical experience that we can all have in common with one another. No one is beyond this experience or better for having ignored it; regardless of race, colour or religion. We are all connected in unity consciousness. If my Art continues to reach people and bring awareness of the importance of nature and this unity in another 10 years, then I would feel like we are continuing to build and progress more in our evolution. With a focus on love not hate and peace not war. 
I still want to keep it simple and not over-complicate things. 
My interest also remains in large-scaled works and animals related to culture throughout the world, not just in my backyard. 

Best exhibition ever participated in…?
The most memorable exhibition was the “The Story of the Creatives” with See Me Gallery in 2013 when my ‘Dreamtime Day Owl’ Art was projected 40 stories high in New York City.
Greatest achievements so far…?

My greatest achievements so far has been to travel the world with my Art and also produce nearly 1000 pieces of Original Art so far in my lifetime and I’m only half way through my life so far. Most of these pieces have been produced in the past 10 years of my life.
The most memorable has been to produce my 1st Collection of Original Paintings Called the “Dreamtime Collection” which began in 2012.
After all this time, I am only releasing the collection now. The 1st of my larger-scaled Original Paintings. These works formed the foundation to my career and made it what it is today because of so many people worldwide having seen them and recognizing their familiar nature or having purchased the products associated with the collection of paintings such as the Dreamtime Colouring Books or Card Deck and other products.


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