For the 3rd time in a row we are pleased to announce that Mirree the Artist, author, entrepreneur and social activist has won Contemporary Artist of the Year award for 2024.
 We wanted to take this opportunity to share the news with our community and customers so together we can continue to prove our value and commitment in providing you the best service.

Mirree has dedicated herself to becoming a positive public role model for her community. Working hard to forge an in-depth connection to her Father’s country and creating art which comes directly from the land, she mixed her own colours, enabling her to have a connection to the country that allowed her to heal from a tumultuous teenage experience and grow into a well-rounded adult. With these new influences, and empowered by hope, passion, and a love of life, she reconciles her enthusiasm for colourful, contemporary Aboriginal art with a determination to live more consciously, her every move dedicated to positive change in her community and amongst her peers. 

Dating back to 60,000 years ago, the indigenous artworks of Australia serve as a vital repository of knowledge about the land and the enduring culture of the oldest civilisation on the planet. Contemporary aboriginal artists such as Mirree play a crucial role in preserving and propagating ancestral customs, beliefs, and practices through a variety of artistic techniques, such as dot painting and the use of symbolic imagery. Each piece of indigenous artwork carries deep cultural significance, reflecting the unique influences of the artist's heritage, familial connections, and spiritual beliefs.

Her distinctive method of incorporating animal totems and color blends is designed to instill a profound sense of connection in her clients. By intertwining song lines and stories that reflect the intricate layers of her cultural background, she aims to create a profound sense of belonging. Mirree's artistic creations serve as a gateway to a world beyond the ordinary, immersing viewers in a realm pulsating with energy, emotions, and dynamism. While she constantly seeks fresh inspiration for her paintings, her collections consistently uphold a core mission of infusing elements of the Australian wildlife landscape into each piece. Through the fluidity of her lines, vibrant hues, and traditional dotting techniques, Mirree endeavours to bridge the gap between the land and its inhabitants, past and present. 
By deviating from conventional indigenous art practices and color palettes, she not only looks ahead to the future but also resonates with contemporary audiences, offering a unique perspective on cultural heritage and artistic evolution.

The panel of judges was truly astounded by the captivating Dreamtime Paintings created by Mirree which reflect her spiritual beliefs and heritage. These exceptional artworks by Mirree not only display intricate details and a stunning array of vibrant colours but also evoke a sense of cultural richness and spiritual depth. Each brushstroke on Mirree's canvas seems to tell a story of ancient wisdom and connection to the land, making her paintings truly unique and mesmerising.

Mirree's Dreamtime Paintings stand out in the art world for their ability to encapsulate the essence of Aboriginal culture and spirituality. Through her use of traditional techniques and symbols, Mirree's artworks serve as a bridge between the past and the present, inviting viewers to delve into a world of mystery and wonder. The level of skill and dedication evident in each piece is a testament to Mirree's passion for preserving and sharing her cultural heritage through art.

In a world where mass-produced art often dominates the market, Mirree's one-of-a-kind paintings offer a refreshing perspective on the power of individual expression and creativity. The attention to detail and the meticulous craftsmanship present in her works set them apart as true masterpieces that deserve recognition and admiration. It's no wonder that the panel of judges was left in awe of Mirree's Dreamtime Paintings, as they represent a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and artistic excellence.

Always looking forward to learning new ways to express herself, she draws inspiration from the past that shaped her in order to explore how she can heal it as she moves forward, inviting the viewer to take the same approach; to not ignore or repress their past selves, but to embrace them, and internalise the lessons that they can teach you.

Here are 10 reasons for purchasing a piece from the Dreamtime Collection -

1. To remember a loved one.

2. To pass down an Artwork to someone you love, creating a legacy.

3. To celebrate an anniversary.

4. To celebrate and remember someones birthday.

5. To remember and honour someone that contributed to the community or your workplace in some way.

6. To remember something that is important to you so that you will not forget.

7. To remember to focus on a goal, a target or a manifestation.

8. To remind you about your purpose or your dream.

9. To remind you to stay on the path because that animal is your spirit guide.

10. An artwork can be like a time capsule which can bring back a flood of emotions, they can bring back memories that were hidden from us from before, they can bring back thoughts of times spent from certain experiences throughout our time-line to encapsulate the essence of a particular time or event and so much more…

When purchasing a piece from the Dreamtime collection you can be rest assured:

- Your dealing with a trusted brand since 2010
Award winning artist, author, entrepreneur and social activist that cares about fostering change in her community

-Your chosen artwork will create a legacy, remember a loved one, remind you to stay on the path because the animal is your spirit guide or celebrate a significant event to honour someone within your community or workplace

-Your painting will receive personalised service by Mirree the Artist by receiving your choice of framing and free shipping to your door worldwide

-Receive free licence to use for work or personal projects

-Receive free Dreamtime Pack

-Contact Mirree today: on this link to begin communicating about your chosen piece today!

Take a look at the impressive collection on this link -


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